Best Online Games

You are not an avid gamer, this is a fact, but the idea of being able to spend a few minutes of your free time in total relaxation, in front of the computer, having fun with an excellent Online Game entices you, and not a little. Just for this reason, you have therefore decided to search for some game usable via the Web capable of intrigue and satisfy you, that does not require any download, that maybe it is also free and that does not need extraordinary feats to be used.

However, if you are nowhere and you are reading this article it seems quite clear to me that, despite you have done a lot of research on the net, so far you have not yet managed to get a spider out of the hole, and you would like to receive some useful tips on this. Am I wrong? No, here. Well, then I can’t help but invite you to focus on reading my article dedicated to the best online games.

In the following lines I will go in fact to point out to you all those that in my opinion, represent the most fun and exciting online games of the moment. To play with it, all you need will be nothing more than a computer and a Web browser, the one you prefer (ex. Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge). Of course, you will also have to spend a few moments of your time understanding the game controls, but I can assure you right away that in most cases, they are straightforward. But now enough talking and let’s get to work. Enjoy reading, and have fun!

Let’s start this discussion among the best online games – Kongregate. It is a portal part of the network of GameStop and represents one of the leading websites worldwide in terms of games accessible directly via browser and, moreover, at no cost, both in single mode and multiplayer. The games available belong to the most varied categories: from puzzle games to action games, from platformers to card games.

The only thing that you need to bear in mind is the fact that all the games are in Flash so you to be able to play you must use a browser with built-in technology, as in the case of Google Chrome or download and install the Flash Player plugin.

Defined, to display all the titles on the site, connected to its home page, and by’ a look at the different sections available: under the Hot new games find all the most exciting titles from among those made available online recently, in correspondence of the article. The highest-rated games, there is a list of the most popular games of the moment, while clicking on the card Games placed in the top left you can see all the matches available on Kongregate based on their gender you belong to Action, Multiplayer, Shooter, Puzzle, and so on.

When you find a game that you think might interest you, click on its preview image and it will be immediately uploaded to your browser.

Keep in mind that for what concerns the multiplayer functions offered by some videogames is required to create an individual account (always at no cost!) on Kongregate. To create one, click on the entry in the Register which is located at the top right and fill out the form that is offered with your data (email address, user name, and password). If you want to speed up the whole thing, click on the button Sign up with Facebook, and log in to the site using your account on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg.

Here you have a list of the best online games:

  1. Hero Hunters
  2. Guns of Boom
  3. Vainglory
  4. Battle Bay
  5. Star Wars: Force Arena
  6. World of Tanks Blitz
  7. Brawl Stars
  8. Hearthstone: League of explorers
  9. Planet of Heroes
  10. Last Day on Earth: Survival