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Mission Statement:

Hat's Games is a growing community of folk dedicated to the concept of a friendly gaming environment.  We strive to give homes to games of all types and offer services to the gaming population of Southern Arizona- and someday soon the world!

We support the FLGS in our community by providing resources and events.  
We are always looking for social events in the mainstream community to raise awareness of gaming and it's contributions to everyone of all walks of life.


Primarily we would like to play a ton of games with a lot of folk! Secondarily we are looking to contribute to existing communities of gamers to help them stay healthy. This would involve bringing new blood to their games, advertising their events, and giving them opportunities to take advantage of our centralized resources to reach out to others. Finally we will strive to keep games alive that have fallen out of popularity. This is our most complicated task and requires the use of materials and tools that we do not yet have enough of. It would include refurbishing and/or rebuilding games to keep them in circulation. Eventually it will include purchasing of game licenses for the allowance of continued on-demand printing.

Get a hold of us!!!

Either at one of our events or with the information below!

We want you on board and believe that the more folk we have contributing then the more folk are having fun!

The Bilge Address

Dave Hat’s Address

Dave Hat’s Cell

Phone: (520) 499-6875 (Dave Hat's Cell)

Facebook and Meetup Pages

We will help keep you up to date on the happenings in your community.

We are always looking out for more groups to join in and become part of our growing network! Contact us to share links to your facebook group or meetup!